Ladyboy webcam Host Writes For You

TV cam hosts are an amazing bunch. You just need to speak to one of them for more than five minutes to realise that. And today I am pleased to announce we have a guest writer. We have the gorgeous Tiffany Diamond,one of the girls scenes top live hosts. Here she talks about her life,what made her become a transgender and her entrance into the  adult cam arena.

Hi guys,my name is Tiffany Diamond. I have been a TV for the last 20 years. I first realised I was female trapped in a mans body when I was about 11 years old. I found myself constantly creeping into my sisters bedroom and trying on her clothes and make up when her and my parents were out. After a little while I started to think to myself,is this normal? Why do I constantly fantasise about being a woman? Shouldn’t I be more interested in football than Barbie? So when I turned 16,I approached my doctor and said “hey,I’m a woman trapped in a mans body”. He just laughed and told me to grow up. It took a further 5 years to convince him,visiting every week.

He finally accepted I may have been right all along and passed me on to a specialist. After a few sessions with him,he agreed I was a woman in a mans body. I had to live as a woman for a full year before I would be allowed to have the operation. It was hard telling my family. Some of them have disowned me and want nothing to do with me. Others are much more supportive. Unfortunately,I had to leave my job. I worked in a large office and for years I had dreamed of going to work in a skirt and blouse,with my hair all long and straight and wearing sexy high heels. My man clothes were like a strait jacket. And now I was free to wear what I craved. Yet after only a few weeks,I had to quit. The constant jibes and sniggers,the remarks and insults. It all got too much. I had already had my boobs done and I was at a loss as to what to do now. Everybody needs money. And that’s when I discovered ts live cams and I haven’t looked back. There are dozens of  sites on the internet and I chose one. I love getting ready to log on now. Because I know that when I do,I will be speaking and interacting with guys who WANT to speak to me because of what i am. A transexual. I can’t explain the buzz it gives you to have 20 guys in a row tell you how beautiful and sexy you are. I love selecting what sexy,tight,figure hugging outfit to wear that night and I love putting my make up on and looking and feeling my best before going onto my site. I am much happier now than I have ever been. I am free. I am now a woman. I don’t need to pretend. I don’t need to hide away or dress in secret. I am A FEMALE host. So my moral of the story here is,be who you want to be. It may be hard and it may not be what society thinks is “normal” but its your life and you only get one shot at it. so don’t live it in misery. Be who you are.

Thanks for reading.

Tiffany xx